9:00 amRegistration
9:30 amWordCamp Starts
9:45 amWhy WordPress? Rachel Papst
10:30 amLaunch your site with Jetpack! Richard Archambault
11:15 amWhat I Wish I’d Known When I Started Erick Hitter
12:00 pmrags to rags (to hopefully a modicum of riches) Toban Dyck
12:45 pmLunch
1:45 pmAuthor Experience in WordPress — Let’s Fix This David Skarjune
2:30 pmUsing WordPress as a Community Platform Jamie Isfeld
3:15 pmIntroduction to writing secure WordPress code Stéphane Boisvert
4:00 pmWordPress 2020 Matt Wiebe

rags to rags (to hopefully a modicum of riches)

Presented by Toban Dyck.

…running a bootstrapped publication with lofty goals.

Introduction to writing secure WordPress code

Presented by Stéphane Boisvert.

We will go over some of the most common attack vectors in code and how to protect against them while you write or edit a theme or plugin.

  • Escaping, Escaping again, Escaping a third time
  • SQL sanitization (or don’t do direct db queries)
  • General Sanitization / Validation
  • XSS in JS (or don’t concat those strings)

Author Experience in WordPress — Let’s Fix This

Presented by David Skarjune.

WordPress has achieved its mission to democratize publishing, so any blogger, writer, editor, or content manager has access to a powerful publishing platform on the Web. So, how do you put all of the awesome capabilities of WordPress to best use?

It’s a myth that a CMS is a silver bullet for online publishing. While incredible strides have been made for content management and user experience, the Author Experience has lagged in comparison. AX ≠ UX. We need to customize the implementation of WordPress to create a better workflow for authors and editors.

Content managers have even more needs. In addition to managing AX and editorial workflow, we need to work with typography, digital asset management, and even content strategy. Can WordPress do this? Let’s fix this.

Using WordPress as a Community Platform

Presented by Jamie Isfeld.

WordPress is a great tool not just for blogs, but for dozens of other uses too. University of Manitoba new media developer Jamie Isfeld talks about how they use WordPress as a communications tool to reach thousands of staff and students through news updates, regular emails, and a cross-faculty updating platform.

Why WordPress?

Presented by Rachel Papst.

With so many content management systems out there, why are so many people going to WordPress? What are the benefits and why is it better? We will be going through all these questions and outlining the main reasons why WordPress is so AWESOME, and how it compares to the other popular systems out there.

Launch your site with Jetpack!

Presented by Richard Archambault.

An overview of Jetpack’s main features, as well as some advanced tips and tricks to upgrade, optimize and expand your WordPress site!

What I Wish I’d Known When I Started

Presented by Erick Hitter.

WordPress provides many convenient functions, perhaps too many. All too often, new developers reinvent the wheel, as the cliche goes, when Core already has a function or utility to accomplish the same. Five years on and thinking back to when I started building WordPress plugins, I could’ve saved a lot of time and avoided a lot of anxiety if I’d known where to look.

WordPress 2020

Presented by Matt Wiebe.

What does the future hold for WordPress? It’s come a long way over the past few years, how will it grow in the next five years?